Understanding principles of prayer alone will not lead to breakthrough .In fact prayerlessness often co-exists with extensive Bible knowledge .Only the Holy Spirit can inspire us to pray effectively.

  • Serious prayer is born out of a sense of need from the knowledge that we must ask God to intervene.
  • Scripture shows us two things

Our human need,

The Lord’s promise of provision, knowing we need God’s help.

Contagious Prayer

Like worship and hunger for God, the impulse to pray is often contagious.

Prayer life of Hannah 1 Samuel 1:3-7 1 Samuel 1 9-11

This is the process the Lord often by uses working out his plans through weak human beings who feel compelled by their need to pray .Sometimes our “breaking point”can lead to breakthrough if it spurs us to call on God. The long depressing cycle that had continued year after year was broken in just a few moments spent with God.

Praying from the Heart

Hannah’s example assures us that a prayer- answering God can resolve seemingly hopeless situations .Many times sons and daughters are wooed back to the Lord through a Mom or Dad breaking through in prayer. Hannah prayed from her heart’s deepest desire 1 Samuel 1-12-13

God hears our hearts cry even when our mouths are silent .Hannah tears spoke more profoundly than words, and she found favor with the Lord.


Spiritual Opposition

1 Samuel 1-13-16

The high priest Eli reaction to Hannah’s prayer .We must press through and hold onto God.

God answers prayers, we need to follow the Spirit’s leading and ignore everything that discourages you from trusting the Lord.

Praying Through

1 Samuel 1-17 Upon hearing that word from the priest of God Hannah “went her way and ate something, and her face was no longer downcast”. Hannah was sure about God’s answer before she conceived her child. Ephesians 6 18-20 .We desperately need churches and individuals who will pray on all occasions, with all kinds of prayer and supplication. If we do our part, God will do his part.

Another Secret of Prayer

Hannah wanted to extol the name of the Lord .A common problem in our prayer is that we only focus on ourselves with little thought of how God can be glorified. 1 Samuel 2-21

The Blessing God gives when we seek to give him the glory .Prayer brings peace.

Hannah’s prayer illustrates how prayer relieves the soul of the burdens it carries”cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

We can convert our troubles into a cry for help to God Psalm 40:17

God’s supernatural peace is only a prayer away. Philippians 4 6-7

God unique 24/7 security system is available for both heart and mind if we pour out our hearts in prayer.


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