Breakthrough, Here I Come

God’s prototype for personal breakthrough!

In a land promised by God to the Children of Israel, Jericho was a city of potent enemy opposition, strongly defended and with apparently impenetrable walls. It was time to move into this hostile ground. God had declared possession to His people for all the Promised Land, but the enemy still had much occupation. How were they to get the breakthrough at Jericho? Powerful force would certainly be needed to demolish the walls, but God showed that it was necessary to first establish the right of His people to move into this enemy territory.

Joshua had learned that it was not simply military might that displaced the enemy but Covenant right. Walking around Jericho carrying the Ark of the Covenant, in obedience to God’s instructions, was a clear demonstration that God’s presence and power was with the children of Israel and not with the occupants of Jericho, whatever their strength. After seven days this declaration of God’s authority and presence with His people had reached fulfilment. It was time for God’s power to be invoked and the walls of enemy resistance simply collapsed!

This amazing story gives us a prototype for taking enemy ground in our own lives today:

1. Identify the territory to be taken.

2. For followers of Jesus, God has already won possession. The enemy simply has


3. Breakthrough comes not by our personal might but by our Covenant right.

4. Whatever his strength, the enemy lacks the overwhelming advantage we have through

the presence of God.

5. This Covenant relationship needs to be actively declared.

6. Walking in Christ Jesus, displaying His grace and truth, is the means of this


7. When grace and truth have prevailed and undermined the enemy’s condemnation and

lies the moment will come for God’s sovereign power to make the breakthrough.

8. Now press in!

Prayer: Father, thank You that You are the God of the breakthrough. Show me the land to be taken next in my life. Fill me with the grace and truth of Jesus as I wait for the moment of Your supreme power to defeat the enemy. Amen.


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